Mama Tina

David was born in Kenya and moved to the United States as a young adult to attend college. Afterwards, he started his own mortgage firm and is also a licensed investment adviser. Since then David has been spending his time and resources to make a difference in the lives of the orphans in Kenya, by providing education, food, shelter, clothing and spiritual impartation. They have become part of his extended family.

David Ayoma - President

 For more of the Mama Tina story, read the Register-Guard article "Kenya Connection" from Sunday, November 7, 2010

Keith Baskett - Treasurer

Board of Directors & Staff

Michelle has been a stay at home mother for 18 years.  While raising her two children she was an active volunteer at their school.  She has joined her husband in Prison Ministries at Oregon State Penitentiary for the past seven years. She has also helped with Camp Agape since it began 6 years ago. This camp is specifically aimed at children who have a parent or parents incarcerated. 

Keith has been a business owner in Eugene for over 20 years. He and his wife Michelle have been married 27 years and have 2 children.
He has been a Boy Scout Headmaster, Sunday school teacher and youth leader. Currently he serves on the Agape Youth Board and also has been a tireless volunteer for Oregon State Prison. He has also mentored several young children over the years.

Michelle Baskett - Secretary

‚ÄčThe Executive Director for the Mama Tina Resource Centre is David Ayoma. David grew up in Kenya, and the Children's Home belonged to his parents. His mother, "Mama Tina" was known throughout the community for her kind and caring heart towards children. She was especially fond of those children who really needed someone in their life to support, encourage, and value them. She was "called" to take care of children who lost their parents or were victims of severe poverty. She opened the door of the family Ayoma home, and agreed to provide them with what they needed to be successful in life. Through the years many children have come and gone through the doors of the Ayoma family home. They each came with their own story, unique set of circumstances, and with a need to belong to something in this world. They left knowing that a lack of a biological connection wouldnt keep them from having a permanent bond with their new family. Many have come back to help with the new children living there. David's parents have since passed away, but his siblings and other concerned members in the Kisumu community have kept the doors open for any children that need it. His family home was renamed the Mama Tina Children's Home in honor of his mother.
David's brother Patrick, along with his wife Irene, are the full time onsite manager and caretaker. They decided to dedicate themselves full time to continue the family legacy for caring for the less fortunate. 

"Patrick is the father and I am the mother for the children" -  Irene

Mama Tina is also excited to partner with Keith and Michelle Baskett to help advance the needs of the children. After visiting the Resource Centre and moved by the children and those who work there, they are eager to do all they can to help.

Patrick and Irene Ayoma

Onsite Managers and Caregivers