Educational Opportunities:

There are millions of children living in severe poverty and depression in Kenya.
Many of those children do not have the opportunities to get an education, learn a trade, or learn to network with others to overcome their circumstances.
The Mama Tina Resource Centre wants to see EVERY CHILD GET AN EDUCATION.
We provide resources, supplies, transportation, and tutoring to the kids living in the Mama Tina Childrens Home.
All the children start school in the 1st grade, receive support through high school graduation, and even into college if that is the direction they choose to go.
Just last year we had a handful of college graduates!


Mama Tina Resource Centre is a Christian organization.  Our hope is to be the heart and hands of Jesus to these children and to share with them the hope that is found in him. Each morning, the kindergarten through second grade are taught a bible lesson before they begin their normal school studies.  Church is held each Sunday morning for all the children and families.

Short Term Projects

New curriculum workbooks
Sturdy tables and chairs
Books and bookshelves
Supply of paper/pencils
School uniforms

Bibles for all different age groups

Long Term Projects

Water line from well to Mama Tina's

Our number one priority is a water line from our well to Mama Tina's. Currently our well is a half mile away and water must be carried back and forth.  Not only does this make it difficult for cooking and fresh water to drink, it also makes it impossible to upgrade bathroom facilities.  Approx. cost for project $3000.

Through generous donations, this was completed on Jan 18, 2018!

Expand and improve existing house

Currently, there is no refrigeration available at Mama Tina's. We now have a power line into the centre and a refrigerator would allow a larger variety of food for the children.  
Milk could be bought, fruits, etc., meeting more of the children's nutritional needs.

Nursery School & Kindergarten:

In January of 2013 we opened a new nursery school kindergarten in the local community church.
The church is now divided into two classrooms during the school week, and still serves as a regular church building for worship services.
We are excited to start preparing the young kids from the Mama Tina Resource Centre and from in the Kisumu community to enter primary school.